Saturday, September 1, 2012

our free style.

so, hi guys. a bit sad today i am. tidur pukul 4 pg semalam. bangun ke kelas pukul 7.30 . balik kelas terus melompat ke katil. lepas zohor yg pasti smp 6 ptg. bangun2dah gelong. sensitif kejap lepas call ayah. hhaha. 

lupakan semuanya. here is my family's free style raya photos. no superb cameraman needed. what u need is, to be brave just like my fadaaaaah.. 

macam kena gempa kan. well practised. the cats are included as family. 5 siblings of mine and of course the lovely parents ever found in milky way. wow, gagah kan. hahahhah. tak nak jd kan post ni touching. do enjoy these pic ppl.


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