Thursday, April 25, 2013

dear Nana

Arifah. Nana. Aaina

so Nana is finally joining the blog parteeeeeh after she deleted all the entries about Ha********. <--- panjang kan. saje bg confuse. hahah. but one thing that i didnt tell her yet, we can still read all the stories about Ha************* <--- lebih keliru mungkin ? .. hahah..and i am really sure she doesnt know about it. HAHAHA (gelak jahat seperti mana ahnaf bt )

Nana. the backbone of mine for every problem i had in my life at Pasum.

sorry Nana. I really want to tell you right after you read this and call me asap. hahha. jahat gilak. love you muah. muah.

*and now, lets convince Aaina to make her own blog. another one mission yet to be accomplished ! phewwww